Some New Features in UFRaw

I mentioned previously that when I got my new laptop set up, I downloaded the newest versions of UFRaw and Gimp and was happy to find some additional features in them and promised to come back and write about them in more detail.
I’m going to start with UFRaw today. If you need a refresher, [...]

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Introduction to using UFRaw to edit Raw files

I love Gimp – I think you might have all realized that by now. But there’s one thing Gimp can’t do all on its own. And that’s editing RAW files. The good news is, though, that there are other options. The first option is that your camera probably came with some [...]

How I use Picasa

I know I owe you guys another gimp editing tutorial – and I’m in the middle of working on one that was specifically asked for – but when I was working on it last week, Gimp crashed on me (for only the second time ever), which annoyed me enough to stop working on it that [...]

RAW vs Jpg

The very first photo I edited from a RAW file. Looking back, I’d change a lot about it now – mostly the tilted horizon. *shudder* I apologize. This is why looking back to see how much you’ve changed in a year is a good thing.
In a recent entry, Chrisitine asked about shooting in [...]

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