Another Way to Convert Photos to Black and White in Gimp

I talked a while ago about converting images to black and white in The Gimp, but that was before I had installed the FX Foundry scripts (see instructions here if you don’t have them yet), and since getting the scripts, I have found an even better way to convert my images to black and white [...]

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How I did it: The vines on the wall photo

It’s winter around here, which has made me start thumbing through some of my old photos for two reasons: 1) It’s too cold and/or dark to go out shooting on most days and 2) It’s refreshing to see a bit more color in my photos than the stuff I’m getting when I do go outside.
I [...]

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How to get started with The Gimp

What you see above is the probably the first photo I ever edited with Gimp that, when done, I thought “wow! I actually kinda got what I wanted!” It also represents what a long road it is to start learning Gimp! About a week ago, Shotslot asked me a question I’ve gotten [...]

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Adding a Vignette (or Blurry Dark Edges) to a Photo in Gimp

The Boots Photo entry brought up a good question from haikalaziz who wanted to know:
hey ive noticed some of your pictures have the dark blurry border around the picture(photowalk 47 fallen on the trail). im just wondering how do i just get that without affecting the picture like this boots picture.
So I thought I’d take [...]

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Adding a Watermark in Gimp (via a Script)

A lot of people want to protect their images on the internet by adding a watermark – typically this is a logo or words with the photographers name, website or logo that’s somewhat transparent so you can see the image below it.
I think we know enough about layers at this point that you could all [...]

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Layer Blending Modes in Gimp

In a lot of the tutorials I’ve done so far, I’ve had you change the blend mode of layers – we’ve used overlay quite a bit, for instance.
There’s a number of different layer blend modes and I’m going to do my best to explain them all here. I do not consider myself an expert. [...]

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Adding a Texture in Gimp

What’s the first thing you notice about the above picture? I’m guessing it’s either the colors or the texture. Adding a texture to an image can completely change the way it feels – often making an ordinary photo look a bit more vintage or retro.
Adding a texture in Gimp is actually quite easy [...]

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FX-Foundry’s Dynamic Range Extender: Fixing photos with bright skies

I recently discovered something really cool in the FX-Foundry plug-in pack for Gimp. Have you ever taken a photo that was exposed properly for the sky, but then everything in the foreground was really dark? Or you exposed properly for your subject but the sky was blown out? Like… say, this photo:
This [...]

Smoothing Skin in Gimp

Hey look! I’m not breaking a promise! I told you I’d write later this week about how to smooth skin using the High Pass Filter – and I AM!
In the last entry, I talked about using either the Unsharp Mask or High Pass Filter to sharpen a photo, which is incredibly useful. [...]

Sharpening: Unsharp Mask vs High Pass Filter

One thing that all photographers really strive for are sharp photos – crisp edges that take your breath way. Obviously things like tripods and fast shutter speeds help give you sharp photos, but sometimes we all need a little help getting a sharper photo after-the-fact.
The most popular way of sharpening photos in Gimp is [...]