Using Curves to Give you a Cross-Processed Look

I know there are Cross-Processing filters available for Gimp and Photoshop, but sometimes I just prefer the simple method of adjusting my curves to give it that Cross-Processed look.
To show you what I’m talking about, here’s the photo I’m starting with – all I’ve done is converted it from RAW using UFRaw (upped the saturation [...]

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Gimp Script Showcase: Warming and Cooling Filter

I’ve talked about using solid color layers to warm or cool your photos, but there’s also a Gimp script out there if you’re not interested in going the Do-It-Yourself route. Plus it offers a few more options than just simple solid-color layers do. You can find the script here. Once again, if [...]

Gimp Script Showcase: National Geographic

I’ve been really excited to show you guys this script for a while, but writing this entry kept getting pushed back for various reasons (some of which I mentioned in my quick update last week). But, I’m finally getting around to it, and I hope you think it’s worth the wait. It’s all [...]

Gimp Script Showcase: 300 Movie

First off, I just wanted to mention that my Weekend Links post was not posted because Easter just kinda threw everything off. Expect lots’o’links this upcoming weekend.
Second, I’m going to go through the March Mono photos in the Monthly Themes group on flickr sometime this week, so if you haven’t yet uploaded all your [...]

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Using Solid Color Layers on Your Photos

I’ve talked before about how you can use Duplicate Layers to jazz up your photos, and now I’m going to show a way to use simple, solid-colored layers to change the tones of your photo.
Here’s the photo I’m going to be working with today. Nothing too exciting, just happened to be the next on [...]

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Making Eyes Pop Using Gimp

I don’t take a lot of photos of other people – you’ve probably figured that out by now. But when I do, I often like to play around with the eyes in the photo in order to make them pop a bit more.
I have two methods that I’ve used to do this, so I’m [...]

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Faking HDR in Gimp

So, this is the entry that has taken me over a month to write, for multiple reasons. A reader asked if there was a way to do HDR images in Gimp, and the short answer is No. The long answer is that a lot of people have tried to fake it (there’s actually [...]

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Gimp Quick Tips: Part Two

This was not the entry I planned on writing tonight – which was one about faking an HDR effect in Gimp, since one of you asked for it many moons ago. Long story short – I think my computer really does not want me to write that entry, as this is the third time [...]

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Introduction to using UFRaw to edit Raw files

I love Gimp – I think you might have all realized that by now. But there’s one thing Gimp can’t do all on its own. And that’s editing RAW files. The good news is, though, that there are other options. The first option is that your camera probably came with some [...]

Using Duplicate Layers for dramatic effects in Gimp

I make a lot of duplicate layers in Gimp. I’ve mentioned before that I like to do this because of always being able to get back to my original pretty easily, but I also do it because messing around with just one or two things on that duplicate layer can have some pretty dramatic [...]

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