A Quick Portrait Editing Trick

This is one of my quick tips that I haven’t mentioned before because I was afraid it was some sort of “fad” for me. I often find that I do some trick when editing that after a while I stop doing because I think it looks stupid. But I’ve been using this particular [...]

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One Photo, Four Edits

I know a handful of digital photographers that don’t edit their photos much – if at all. I have a lot of respect for those photographers, actually. Not only because they can create beautiful photos without touching them up, but because they can actual resist the urge to edit.
That being said, I think [...]

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Another Way to Convert Photos to Black and White in Gimp

I talked a while ago about converting images to black and white in The Gimp, but that was before I had installed the FX Foundry scripts (see instructions here if you don’t have them yet), and since getting the scripts, I have found an even better way to convert my images to black and white [...]

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How I did it: The Boots Photo

I recently posted the above photo on flickr and was asked how I achieved the look that I did from it. I’m not going to reveal any amazing new tricks or anything, but if you’d like a glimpse into my photo taking and editing process, read on!
Before I start, I have to admit something: [...]

FX-Foundry’s Dynamic Range Extender: Fixing photos with bright skies

I recently discovered something really cool in the FX-Foundry plug-in pack for Gimp. Have you ever taken a photo that was exposed properly for the sky, but then everything in the foreground was really dark? Or you exposed properly for your subject but the sky was blown out? Like… say, this photo:
This [...]

Gimp Plug-in Review: Vintage Photos

A flickr friend of mine (AndYaDontStop – inspiring!) saw the following one of my photos on flickr:

And he, having been obsessed with a Vintage Film action he found recently, tried it on my photo and showed it to me. Because he said “action”, I’m assuming he uses photoshop, but inspired by the image he [...]

Weekly Gimp Plug-in Review: FX-Foundry Part Two

If you remember from last week we left off with the Diffusion Filter. As a reminder, here’s the original image we’re working with:
Also, I took a suggestion from commenter Laura and I’m going to show both the original and the changed in side-by-side so you don’t have to scroll… now the way I did [...]

Weekly Gimp Plug-in Review: FX-Foundry Part One

This week’s gimp plug-in is actually a suite of plug-ins called FX-Foundry. Their website, I felt, was lacking. No screenshots, examples, or how-tos, but it seemed to be a popular tool in the GIMP Users group on flickr, so I thought I’d give it a shot.
Anyway, you can download the suite by clicking [...]