Show me what you got!

First things first – a few people sounded interested in playing along with the monthly themes I mentioned in the last entry, so I created a flickr group for them. So please, join in! The only rules for posting to the group is that you follow the monthly themes, and that the photo [...]

My 2010 Photography Projects

I’ve decided on three major photography projects for 2010. I think it’s important to post about what they are so that I can be held accountable.
Another 52 photowalks
f/8.0, 1/80 sec, 22mm, ISO 200
I debated this a lot. In 2008 I did a 366 project (leap year and all), so I attempted a second [...]

What I Learned Doing 52 Photowalks in One Year

Today I went on my last photowalk of 2009. Once a week, for 52 weeks in a row, I’ve left my house with my camera and taken photos. That was the only rule I gave myself for this project, too. I didn’t have to find other people to walk with (though I [...]

My Experience Creating a Photo Calendar

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on?
I apologize for the delay in posting here. I promised myself I wasn’t going to let silly things like long holiday weekends disrupt my already-lacking posting schedule around here… but what can I say? I failed.
I have a couple entries planned that are more like the tips and [...]

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How I did it: The Boots Photo

I recently posted the above photo on flickr and was asked how I achieved the look that I did from it. I’m not going to reveal any amazing new tricks or anything, but if you’d like a glimpse into my photo taking and editing process, read on!
Before I start, I have to admit something: [...]

5 Things To Do When You’re in a Photo Rut

I’ve recently gone through a bit of a rut when it comes to my photography – feeling unmotivated to take pictures, and when I do, just feeling rather “meh” about the results. And so, here’s my list of suggestions on what to do when this happens to you.
1. Look through your old photos
Chances [...]

Weekend Links

As I warned, I’ve been making some changes around here – nothing too major, so hopefully nothing threw you off too much. When I started this website, I knew I was doing a lot of Bad Practices, but I was more interested in getting up and running and didn’t feel like fixing my mistakes, [...]

Smoothing Skin in Gimp

Hey look! I’m not breaking a promise! I told you I’d write later this week about how to smooth skin using the High Pass Filter – and I AM!
In the last entry, I talked about using either the Unsharp Mask or High Pass Filter to sharpen a photo, which is incredibly useful. [...]

Misc. Housekeeping

This photo has nothing to do with the entry – but I said Housekeeping in the title, and this door is in my house. Get it? Housekeeping? .. yeah, I shouldn’t write entries so late at night
No new tips or tricks for today, but I did want to update you on two [...]

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Welcome to!

Welcome to yet another photography site on the internet!
I know you’re probably asking why I’ve decided to create yet another photography site, because, really, aren’t there enough? Well. I have a long answer, and a short answer for you. The long answer can be found on the About Page. The short answer [...]