A Wedding Recap

As you all know, I was a second shooter in my first wedding back in March. For those of you that don’t remember the background, I was asked to help out a friend. I was incredibly nervous about it, as I think anyone should be the first time they shoot a wedding – [...]

Preparing For My First Wedding

On Saturday, I will shoot my first wedding. Well, to clarify, I will be a Second Shooter on a wedding. Those of you that have been following me for a while may be aware that I have pretty much vowed to never become a wedding photographer, but a friend of mine has booked [...]

Why you haven’t seen an update here in a while…

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since an article appeared at here on iffles.com For those of you that are still checking the site or following the rss feed (or a fan on facebook!), I thank you for not completely giving up hope.
Unfortunately, my real job has gotten extremely crazy and busy in [...]

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Happy Birthday, iffles.com!

Today, June 18, 2010 marks the one year anniversary of iffles.com!
It’s been quite a year of ups and downs – articles that came out just how I wanted them to, and articles that really flopped. Days I was proud of all that I’ve accomplished, and days I struggled with what I would write next. [...]

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What I Learned From the Death of My Computer

Before I get started, I just have to say that this is my 100th post on iffles.com! And we’re one month away from iffles.com’s first birthday. I’m a bit bummed that my 100th post doesn’t happen to be much about photography at all, but it is about something that, as digital photographers, we [...]

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Technical Difficulties

So, remember when I spilled water on my laptop and I thought it might have died but it didn’t? Well. Now it’s dead.
I’m writing this from my phone just to let you all know that until the current laptop is fixed or a new one is purchased, I’m afraid there might not be any entries [...]

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Just a Quick Update

I did not intend to go without a post here for so long, I apologize!
I’m currently on vacation in DC (and surrounding areas), but what really threw everything off is that a few days before I left, I was attempting to write an entry or two to automatically post while I was gone, but I [...]

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What You Asked For

I’ve had two requests recently that aren’t about photography or editing, but more about iffles.com in general.
The first was a request for an iffles.com icon to put in the sidebar of a blog to show support for this website. I’m pretty blown away that anyone would actually want to do this, but I surely do [...]

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Why I Think it’s OK to “Cheat” on Photography Projects (sometimes)…

You guys are all aware that I’m attempting three photography-related projects this year. Well, less than two full months into the project, I’m already cheating on one of them (my 52 photowalks). I started to feel guilty about this for about 2 second before I fully rationalized my decisions and decided, ya know [...]

How I use Picasa

I know I owe you guys another gimp editing tutorial – and I’m in the middle of working on one that was specifically asked for – but when I was working on it last week, Gimp crashed on me (for only the second time ever), which annoyed me enough to stop working on it that [...]