What I Learned Doing 52 Photowalks in One Year

Today I went on my last photowalk of 2009. Once a week, for 52 weeks in a row, I’ve left my house with my camera and taken photos. That was the only rule I gave myself for this project, too. I didn’t have to find other people to walk with (though I [...]

A Practical Holiday Wish List for a Photographer

So. The holidays are coming up, and if your family is anything like mine, they want a list from you of things that you want.
When it comes to a photography habit, it’s really easy to think “geez, everything I want is totally out of my family’s price range.” But that’s not always the [...]

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6 Tips for Flower Photography

1/50, f/3.2, 50mm, ISO800
I recently posted the above photo on flickr and I was talking about it to a friend, who asked for some more details on how exactly I produced that shot.
That led me to think about my preferences for shooting flowers. Here are some of my tips:

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5 Things To Do When You’re in a Photo Rut

I’ve recently gone through a bit of a rut when it comes to my photography – feeling unmotivated to take pictures, and when I do, just feeling rather “meh” about the results. And so, here’s my list of suggestions on what to do when this happens to you.
1. Look through your old photos
Chances [...]

Photography 101 – Composition II

This entry isn’t so much about composition “rules” like the last composition entry was, but more about things to keep in mind when composing your shots.
The Background
It’s very easy to concentrate so much on what you’re taking a picture of, that you forget to notice what’s in the background, for instance, this photo of my [...]

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Things I Learned Shooting a Sunrise

I just got back from our vacation – we had a wonderful time. I’ve barely had time to get my photos off the camera, let alone edit them, so to the three photos you see in this entry are SOOC (Straight Out of Camera), with the exception of converting them from RAW.
On Thursday, I [...]

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RAW vs Jpg

The very first photo I edited from a RAW file. Looking back, I’d change a lot about it now – mostly the tilted horizon. *shudder* I apologize. This is why looking back to see how much you’ve changed in a year is a good thing.
In a recent entry, Chrisitine asked about shooting in [...]

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Photography 101: Playing with Shutter Speed

A while ago, I talked about exposure and how adjusting your ISO, aperture and shutter speed can affect the exposure of your photograph.
Later, I talked a little more about the magic of aperture and how opening our closing your aperture can result in either a shallow or deep depth of field.
Well. Today I’m going [...]

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Photography 101: The Magic of Aperture

Yes. Aperture. It’s magic, I tell you. I already talked in Photography 101: Exposure about how opening up your aperture (using a lower f-stop) lets in more light, and closing it lets in less, but I didn’t really talk about the magic that comes along with this change and why (other than [...]

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The Golden Hour

I’m sure you’ve probably realized by now that lighting is a pretty critical thing when it comes to photography. And you’ve probably already figured out there’s already a really good, free lightbulb out there called the sun. The thing is, there’s more to using the sun than just going outside.
First of all, let’s [...]

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