Failure in Photography Projects

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about failure. Perhaps it’s because I’ve failed in pretty much all of my photography projects I was going to accomplish this year.
The weird thing, though, is that I’ve been thinking about it not because I’m mad at myself for failure, but actually because I’m not. Sure, I’m a [...]

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Breaking the Rules

First off, I wanted to apologize in the lack of posts around here lately, but hopefully things should be back up to normal now. Including a post in a day or two with my favorite photos from June in the Monthly Themes group on flickr. June’s theme was Urban. July’s theme is [...]

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The Best of Monthly Theme: People

You guys – I was able to recover all my documents from the old laptop! Which means I was able to get to THIS document that had THIS entry – my favorite photos from April in the Monthly Themes group on flickr. If you can remember back that far, you’ll know the [...]

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Why I Think You Should Go on the Third Annual Worldwide Photo Walk

You may have already heard of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk, but if not, let me give you a really quick recap. For the third year in a row, photographers from all over the world are going to meet up in groups of no more than 50, to walk around various cities and take [...]

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My Tips for Taking a Vacation as a Photographer

Whenever I go on a vacation, I feel torn between taking a lot of photos and putting the camera away and enjoying where I am. Obviously, when I’m at a new place, I look around me and start thinking like a photographer and what would make great photos – and I’m itching to take [...]

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The Best of Monthly Theme: Mono

Here we go – I’m finally getting around to posting the March Mono photos! I know I say this every month, but man, you guys make it really hard to narrow it down to my favorites to post over here.
Don’t forget April’s theme is People, so if you want to play along, join the [...]

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The best of Monthly Theme: Shapes

Well, its about that time that I show you my favorite photos submitted to the monthly theme group on flickr for February. The theme last month was “shapes” and…you guys, you did amazing! This is SO HARD for me, because I really want to showcase ALL of your photos because there were so [...]

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Why I Think it’s OK to “Cheat” on Photography Projects (sometimes)…

You guys are all aware that I’m attempting three photography-related projects this year. Well, less than two full months into the project, I’m already cheating on one of them (my 52 photowalks). I started to feel guilty about this for about 2 second before I fully rationalized my decisions and decided, ya know [...]

Why You Should Print Your Photos

I’m about to get a bunch of my photos printed and framed from my 52 Photowalk project last year (including the one you see above), and I thought this would be a good time to discuss why I think this is such an important thing to do.

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My 2010 Photography Projects

I’ve decided on three major photography projects for 2010. I think it’s important to post about what they are so that I can be held accountable.
Another 52 photowalks
f/8.0, 1/80 sec, 22mm, ISO 200
I debated this a lot. In 2008 I did a 366 project (leap year and all), so I attempted a second [...]