Using Solid Color Layers on Your Photos

I’ve talked before about how you can use Duplicate Layers to jazz up your photos, and now I’m going to show a way to use simple, solid-colored layers to change the tones of your photo.
Here’s the photo I’m going to be working with today. Nothing too exciting, just happened to be the next on [...]

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Making Eyes Pop Using Gimp

I don’t take a lot of photos of other people – you’ve probably figured that out by now. But when I do, I often like to play around with the eyes in the photo in order to make them pop a bit more.
I have two methods that I’ve used to do this, so I’m [...]

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Gimp Script Showcase: Photochrom

I used to review Gimp scripts on this site, and it feels like it’s been a while since I did that. I’m changing the title of these entries now to Gimp Script Showcase, because I’m really not reviewing the scripts, I’m just showing off all the possibilities of them! So, I thought I’d let [...]

Faking HDR in Gimp

So, this is the entry that has taken me over a month to write, for multiple reasons. A reader asked if there was a way to do HDR images in Gimp, and the short answer is No. The long answer is that a lot of people have tried to fake it (there’s actually [...]

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Gimp Quick Tips: Part Two

This was not the entry I planned on writing tonight – which was one about faking an HDR effect in Gimp, since one of you asked for it many moons ago. Long story short – I think my computer really does not want me to write that entry, as this is the third time [...]

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Introduction to using UFRaw to edit Raw files

I love Gimp – I think you might have all realized that by now. But there’s one thing Gimp can’t do all on its own. And that’s editing RAW files. The good news is, though, that there are other options. The first option is that your camera probably came with some [...]

Using Duplicate Layers for dramatic effects in Gimp

I make a lot of duplicate layers in Gimp. I’ve mentioned before that I like to do this because of always being able to get back to my original pretty easily, but I also do it because messing around with just one or two things on that duplicate layer can have some pretty dramatic [...]

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How I use Picasa

I know I owe you guys another gimp editing tutorial – and I’m in the middle of working on one that was specifically asked for – but when I was working on it last week, Gimp crashed on me (for only the second time ever), which annoyed me enough to stop working on it that [...]

Another Way to Convert Photos to Black and White in Gimp

I talked a while ago about converting images to black and white in The Gimp, but that was before I had installed the FX Foundry scripts (see instructions here if you don’t have them yet), and since getting the scripts, I have found an even better way to convert my images to black and white [...]

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How I did it: The vines on the wall photo

It’s winter around here, which has made me start thumbing through some of my old photos for two reasons: 1) It’s too cold and/or dark to go out shooting on most days and 2) It’s refreshing to see a bit more color in my photos than the stuff I’m getting when I do go outside.
I [...]

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