A Quick Portrait Editing Trick

This is one of my quick tips that I haven’t mentioned before because I was afraid it was some sort of “fad” for me. I often find that I do some trick when editing that after a while I stop doing because I think it looks stupid. But I’ve been using this particular [...]

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Using G’MIC to Create Vignettes

In late 2009, I wrote a post about adding a vignette to a photo. I was never really happy with that post, and it has bothered me now for a year and half that I never wrote about a better option. Then, almost exactly a year later, I posted about the FIL Script [...]

26 Quick Photography Tips

I hope those of you in the States had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend – I know that I did, and I’m not looking forward to getting back to the daily grind!
During the month of October, I was tweeting and posting on flickr some daily “quick tips”. I didn’t make it through the entire month, but [...]

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Using Curves to Give you a Cross-Processed Look

I know there are Cross-Processing filters available for Gimp and Photoshop, but sometimes I just prefer the simple method of adjusting my curves to give it that Cross-Processed look.
To show you what I’m talking about, here’s the photo I’m starting with – all I’ve done is converted it from RAW using UFRaw (upped the saturation [...]

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Where to Start with Photo Editing

When I first decided to download gimp and start editing my own photos, I was intimidated. I knew there were so many options when it came to editing photos because I’d see what others had done to their photos. So… where should I start?
To be honest, I don’t know where the best place [...]

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One Photo, Four Edits

I know a handful of digital photographers that don’t edit their photos much – if at all. I have a lot of respect for those photographers, actually. Not only because they can create beautiful photos without touching them up, but because they can actual resist the urge to edit.
That being said, I think [...]

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Gimp Script Showcase: Warming and Cooling Filter

I’ve talked about using solid color layers to warm or cool your photos, but there’s also a Gimp script out there if you’re not interested in going the Do-It-Yourself route. Plus it offers a few more options than just simple solid-color layers do. You can find the script here. Once again, if [...]

Some New Features in UFRaw

I mentioned previously that when I got my new laptop set up, I downloaded the newest versions of UFRaw and Gimp and was happy to find some additional features in them and promised to come back and write about them in more detail.
I’m going to start with UFRaw today. If you need a refresher, [...]

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Gimp Script Showcase: National Geographic

I’ve been really excited to show you guys this script for a while, but writing this entry kept getting pushed back for various reasons (some of which I mentioned in my quick update last week). But, I’m finally getting around to it, and I hope you think it’s worth the wait. It’s all [...]

How I Did It: The Hand Photo

I got a message on flickr recently about how I took and edited the above picture, and so I thought it was time for another “How I took it” segment over here.

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