Gimp Plug-in Review: Vintage Photos

A flickr friend of mine (AndYaDontStop – inspiring!) saw the following one of my photos on flickr:

And he, having been obsessed with a Vintage Film action he found recently, tried it on my photo and showed it to me. Because he said “action”, I’m assuming he uses photoshop, but inspired by the image he [...]

Gimp Plug-in Review: Urban Acid

This week we’re going to look at the Urban Acid plug-in that you can find here. If you don’t remember how to install the plug-ins, go back to this entry for a refresher.
I was curious about this plug-in because I’ve seen a lot of Photoshop users on flickr talk about using an Urban Acid [...]

Weekly Gimp Plug-in Review: FX-Foundry Part Two

If you remember from last week we left off with the Diffusion Filter. As a reminder, here’s the original image we’re working with:
Also, I took a suggestion from commenter Laura and I’m going to show both the original and the changed in side-by-side so you don’t have to scroll… now the way I did [...]

Weekly Gimp Plug-in Review: FX-Foundry Part One

This week’s gimp plug-in is actually a suite of plug-ins called FX-Foundry. Their website, I felt, was lacking. No screenshots, examples, or how-tos, but it seemed to be a popular tool in the GIMP Users group on flickr, so I thought I’d give it a shot.
Anyway, you can download the suite by clicking [...]

Wednesday Gimp Plug-in Review: Split Tone

I’m hoping to have another weekly thing going on here at After all, I did two weeks in a row of the Weekend Links, so that’s a good sign that I might be able to keep up with weekly things, right?
Well. Now I’m introducing Wednesday Plug-in Reviews! Did you know that [...]