So, you might be wondering a few things about this site. I’m not you, and I can’t read your thoughts, so I don’t know what you came here wondering about.

First things first, though, I should probably tell you why I created this site. I love photography. I love it so much, that I’ve taken at least one photo every single day for about a year and a half, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I go on at least one photowalk a week. I read about photography, I follow other people’s photostreams, and I work on my own photography and trying to improve every day.

Does that make me one of the best photographers out there? Far from it, and really, that is why I created this site. When I bought my first dSLR and started looking at all the knobs and buttons and figuring out what they meant, I was feeling really overwhelmed. And then I heard people talking about f-stops and aperture and bokeh and lord knows what else, and I felt even MORE overwhelmed. And then I saw people’s photos – the color, the tone, the *pop* that some photos had, and I KNEW they had to be editing their photos, but when I tried to that, it just made me want to cry. And the worst part about it was that NO ONE seemed to want to explain things in plain english! Some people didn’t want to share their “secrets”, and the ones that did used words I’d never heard of.

It seemed, though, that one thing was true: I had to spend money. I had to buy the best camera bodies and lenses and I had to have expensive software like Photoshop and Lightroom. I didn’t want to spend the money, though.

I was very, very frustrated and almost gave up.

I created this site because I don’t want you to give up!

And that leads me to…

My Mission Statement:


The mission of iffles.com is to support, enlighten, and inspire other amateur photographers and myself by sharing tips, tricks, tutorials, and even our mistakes, focusing on frugal solutions to our expensive hobby including do-it-yourself projects and free editing software.

So that’s iffles.com

But you still might have more questions, like…

Who is writing all of this?



Oh, that’s me! I’m iffles! That’s not my real name, though (I know you’re shocked). My name is Jennifer. I’m a young 30-something IT professional who lives in Akron, Ohio with my boyfriend John – who, early on in our relationship, gave me the nickname iffles. We have two cats – Myles and Maia, who you’ll probably see a number of pictures of at some point or another.

I’ve always liked photography, but only started getting serious about it in 2008, when I started a 365 project on flickr – I had to take a photo of myself every day for an entire year. I happened to pick a leap year, so I ended up with a 366 project. You can see the results of that project here. Early on in the project, I got so inspired (and won some money from the Superbowl) that I decided to buy something I had wanted for years – a dSLR. Specifically, I got the Canon Rebel XTi (aka 400D). I still shoot with it today.

This year (2009 – let’s hope I update this page before 2010, but I make no promises), I’m doing two projects: an open-topic 365 Project and 52 Photowalks.

If I didn’t answer all your questions, check out the FAQs.

Happy Shooting!