A Few Words about Wordless Wednesdays

June 22, 2011
Photowalk.24 - Beacon Journal

Window and door in Akron, Ohio

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Wordless Wednesday concept. The idea is on Wednesdays, you post one entry that has no text, just a photo. It’s an idea I’ve always enjoyed on other blogs and wanted to implement over here on iffles.com, too, but I’m always feeling like you must be tired of seeing my photos anyway. Plus I think I’ve duplicated on posts (in fact, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the above photo before… but I’ll get to why I posted that one in a second).

I’ve also, as mentioned in the last entry, wanted to change some stuff around here so I’m not as stressed about posting, and one post that always took me a while to create, and was constantly stressing over both the content and how fast I was able to get it up, was the recaps of the photos posted to the iffles.com Monthly Themes group on flickr.

And so, I’m merging the two ideas into one. Instead of picking out a number of my favorite photos in the group at the end of the month, I’m going to pick just one a week to showcase in Wordless Wednesday. I will still, of course, give the photographer all the credit and link back to his or her photo on flickr.

Because June’s theme is Doors/Windows, I decided to post the photo you see above to kick this whole thing off in a Worded Wednesday entry. It’s one I took, and not this month, either, so it’s all-around cheating, I suppose. But from here on out – YOUR photos!

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  • bgottsab

    I grew up in Akron and now live in Canton - what a surprise to see a photo from my hometown in my reader this morning! Love it. 

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