The Best of Monthly Theme: Lines

February 13, 2011

January’s theme in the Monthly Themes group on flickr was lines – and you guys found lines all around you! I thought that was going to be a tough one, but there were some really wonderful photos last month. February’s theme is drinks and there’s still plenty of time to get some shots taken and added them to the pool!

I noticed there were some new participants in the group for this month, so before I post all of these, I just wanted to say again that there’s not only stead-fast rules for the photos I pick. Well, okay, there is one – I check out the EXIF to make sure the photo was taken in the month in question. If it meets that qualification, it’s basically just my own subjective opinion. Some photos I pick because I just like theme and some photos I pick because they fit the theme very well. I don’t look at names, so if I didn’t pick your photo, it’s not personal. The upside of these entries is that I get a chance to showcase some great photos that I see from other people… the downside is that I alwasy feel guilty about all the ones I DON’T post! Anyway. Enough of that – just enjoy these photos!

Lines Across the Table

By shirley319 - I like the lines reflected in the mug, too

Straw Vortex

By BrianPColt - awesome perspective

Tesla Cage

By rachel_pics - Lots of curvy, bright lines! I love the small spash of red.

Cinnamon Lines II

By elora.daphne - Very yummy lines!


By bgottsab - lovin' these curves.

[46/365] - In 2D

By Krystal T - this one made me giggle :) Monthly Themes

By Joyce445 - Love the combination of the lines and the curves of the curtain.


By Fran Efless - wow. Just beautiful.

January 17, 2011 - All You Need is Love

By kaningyip - Seemed appropriate since I figured some of you would be reading this post on Valentines Day. Also, once again, I love the straight lines of the grids inside of the curved lines of the hearts.

Film BW Kai

By ._Tj - aww :)

23/01/11 - Day 209/365 - Lines

By Caitra_ - I love that you guys thought of things that I never would have - like the lines of a book.

Línea 1

By Leidi.jorge - the vine agains the lines of wood is beautiful

Winter Lines

By team.breeze - so many little lines!

By Governmentality - love the colors and simplicity here.


By San Marcos Image Makers - I believe this is just one photo as part of a class project, which I think is pretty cool. I narrowed it down to just one to post, but I was impressed with the creativity of the entire group of them - if you click through to the photo, and then on San Marcos Image Makers, you can see the entire group.

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  • ._Tj

    Love it!

  • It was fun to share this post with my 7.5 year old daughter, who helped with the light painting. Thanks for taking the time to host these monthly themes! I gotta say that I'm having more trouble with drinks than I thought I would. Some of the ideas I've tried were a complete bust. I do have a couple that I'm itching to process and post, though.

  • Thanks again for posting me this month :) Glad you like the hearts!

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