The Best of Monthly Themes: Food

February 2, 2011

I have two other half-written entries in the works… those of you following me on flickr are probably already aware that we’ve been doing some major home renovations at the moment, but the good news is it’s almost all done, so hopefully I’ll back to semi-regular entries in a near future!

In the mean time, these are my favorite photos entered into the Monthly Themes group on flickr for December. The theme was food – so don’t read this entry if you’re hungry! I’m stuffed and I still started drooling!

If you took any Line photos in January, there’s still time to post them to the group. And February’s theme is drinks – a cool glass of water, a refreshing can of soda, a good glass of wine – whatever! I look forward to seeing what you guys post!

Day 10 - 25 Days of Christmas

by Joyce445 - mmm, I can just smell these peanut butter cookies!

349:365 Gift of Time

By team.breeze - what a wonderful holiday spread! I also like the person drinking a hot beverage in the background.

(9) 51/52 red*

By Jen likes to snap pics* - The water is just a perfect addition to the photo. I love this!

Candy Cane Hershey Kisses

By evelynspikes - Love the white surface and bokeh lights - beautiful!

Space Saving Configuration

by shirley319 - And this is right about the time I started to really drool.

Cinnamon Roof

By elora.daphne - This looks like an awesome ginger bread house - and a great photo of it, too.

Peppermint Fudge

By Stephanie.Grace - you guys, this is peppermint fudge! I don't even like peppermint and I still want to gobble this up.


By Tabula Rose - I love the simplicity of this shot.


By J*Lynn - I just love the tones here.

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  • My goodness you were right - I just had dinner and am already drooling again!!! Thanks so much for adding my shot :)

  • Jen

    What a great set of "food" photos! Thank you so much for including my cranberries. I'm really honored to have my photo posted on your blog.

  • What a wonderful selection of photographs. I can't get enough of those cranberries. Thanks for taking a break from cooking food in your new, fabulous kitchen to put up these food pictures.

  • Yay for peppermint fudge! I'm glad you still picked this as a favorite, even though you don't like peppermint. :)

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