The Best of Monthly Theme: Trees

January 5, 2011

Oh goodness, there were so many good Tree photos taken in the month of November that were posted to the monthly themes group that I had a really hard time narrowing it down to a reasonable amount!

It’s too late to still take photos for December’s theme of food – but if you took some, you still have time to add them to the group. But everyone has time to take some photos for January’s theme – Lines!

Day 306

By thedigitaliris - I think pieces of a tree count as a tree, and I've always loved the juxtaposition of nature against man-made stuff like this.

The Mighty Oak

By brybejomom - I love the tones of this photo

DSC05550 copy

By hlcombs314 - cutest little tree-hugger I've ever seen!


By Fran Efless - Oh my, the colors took my breath away!


By Revenspath - Love the shape of this tree

Tree reflections

By GenBug - that bright green tree (and it's reflection) is just lovely!


By mtbcat - tree graveyard (as mtbcat called it) is such a perfect description for this photo.

Fall Aspen

By Beendog230 - Oh, the color of those leaves! Yum!

Moon over the trees

By Drysdale1 - the trees make such a beautiful silhoutte against that sky

Pinecones & leaves

By rachel_pics - I'm so glad you were able to capture this before your camera malfunctioned.

Fog of Morning

By Shotslot - this is the type of photo I just dream of taking someday.

Jay in tree

By Tokyo Rhino - this little guy is so cute!


By toots18k - I just loved that I was browsing through all the photos of fall colors and trees with no leaves there was suddenly a palm tree! Also lovin' the clouds

Half Trees

By Marco Mehmet Moretti - Love the processing on this.


By shirley319 - Glowing was a perfect title for this photo!

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  • Beautiful. I'm going to try and head out and get some shots of trees against the sunset today!

  • Heather

    Thanks so much!!! I'm always super excited to see the winners - and am super excited that my photo was among them. Awesome, happy dance, oh yeah!

  • Ravenspath

    Thank you for choosing one of my photos. Your monthly themes are wonderful and the group has such a talented pool of people taking photos.

  • Shotslot

    Some amazing shots here, hasn't the group some great talent in it? I'm flattered you chose my pic, as I am by your comment, to which I would say that without you and the inspiration given when I was starting out...and your subsequent advice about what to shoot with, I would never have shot it. Take care hon! S ;-)

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