Themes for 2011

December 31, 2010

We had a bunch of suggestions over on the Monthly Themes Group on flickr for the themes of 2011, and I’ve decided to combine a few similar ones together to come up with 12 themes and put them in a mostly-random order, and they are as follows:

  • January: Lines
  • February: Drinks
  • March: Transportation
  • April: Leaves
  • May: Street Art
  • June: Doors/Windows
  • July: Statues/Parks
  • August: Sky
  • September: Water
  • October: Street Where I Live
  • November: Books
  • December: Pets

As a reminder, here are the “rules”:

  • Really, the only rule is that you have to take the photo during the month. The idea of the themes is to get you inspired to take photos, not just look through your old photos
  • You can take as few or as many photos for the month that you want – and you can submit all of them to the group. If you don’t like a theme, you can skip that month completely, there’s no sort of obligation!
  • The themes are meant to inspire, and can mean whatever you want it to mean. For instance, for the theme “Books” – you can take photos of books, or you can take a photo inspired by a book (like an Alice in Wonderland theme photo). Although, if you do something that’s not obviously related to the theme, you might want to put in the description of the photo how you got inspired, for those of us looking through the pool of photos.
  • Sometime after the month is over, I’ll go through the photos submitted to the group for that month and pick out some of my favorites to post in an entry here on (yes, I realize I still haven’t even done November from 2010… but I will!)

That’s about all I got… Happy New Year, everyone!

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  • Shotslot

    Hey Iffles! Great themes, I'll get to it...Lines eh? I'll do a link post too. S ;-)

  • Happy New Year, Jennifer. Thanks for hosting the group again this year.

  • Leidi Jorge

    Happy New Year everyone!!!
    I've just got here from your article DPS and right away joined the group...So...I'm in!

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