The Best of Monthly Theme: Bokeh

September 16, 2010

Do you guys remember July? It was a while ago, so I don’t blame you if you don’t. The theme for July in the monthly theme group on flickr was bokeh!

Here are my long-overdue favorites from the month of July:


By Noctem Wolf - oh my. Look at how soft and smooth that bokeh is!

188:365 In Flight

By team.breeze - love the colors in this, and the timing with the butterfly having not quite landed yet.

Looking West Along the Fence

By jan.etc - love the colors, love the repeating pattern, love the bokeh.

Taken with 50mm 1.8

By miamiredbird - more pretty smooth bokeh! Pretty color green, too!


By Shotslot - I don't know why I'm such a big fan of bokeh self-portraits, but I really am.


By infion - Love the black and white here. I just feel stressed looking at all that paperwork, though!


By tpavankumar - Loving the colors in this

That's life shining :)

By Ashish_Clickbug - oh. Just... oh my. Beautiful.

31/07/10 - Day 33/365 - Vignette

By caitra_ - I just love how the combination of colors, bokeh and editing really make the flower stand out.


By Darwin's Dream - the green bokeh makes such a smooth, pretty background for that purple.

Day 211

By the digitaliris - It seems every month there's one photo I love that I can't really explain why. This is the one for July.

Olive Tree

By shirley319 - more foreground bokeh and soft colors. Love it!

By .:SindyHand:. - beautiful colors!

iffles july-2

By kkaldrich - more beautiful greens!

Now, don’t forget, September’s theme is Shoes!

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  • Some gorgeous shots here, iffles readers are a talented bunch!

  • misskeito

    Great selection!

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