The Best of Monthly Theme: Urban

July 25, 2010

As I was gathering these photos of my personal favorites from the month of June over in the Monthly Theme group on flickr, I got a glimpse of what you guys have posted so far for July (the theme is bokeh), and all I can say is “oh my!”.

Anyway, I realize July is quickly coming to an end, so it was about time I posted some photos from June. But you still have a few more days to take some beautiful bokeh photos! Here’s the photos from June, where the theme was urban:

The Roof

By Hynek S. - Beautiful bright sky!


By jinspain2002 - It's hard to get much more urban than this. I love all the yellow cabs lined up, and the person crossing the street.

Urban artwork

By Atlantis_breeze - fantastic urban artwork

Windows on Union Square

By evelynspikes - wow, that's a lot of windows!

Light Trails

By Christopher.F Photography - I was actually really hoping someone would post some light trails in June, and this is a fantastic example. (btw, Christopher posted some more fantastic photos of Chicago this month, so if you like that city as much as I do, you might want to check out his other photos)


By tpavankumar - Love the curved brick street, and the one car amidst all the bikes.

June 22, 2010

By Noctem Wolf - Oh, man. What great colors and detail!

Day 173

By thedigitaliris - Love how this photo is both colorful and gritty.

Bahnhof Alexanderplatz

By infion - I love the lighting in here.

Toronto Skyline

By jan.etc - great skyline!

Urban 2 - Iffles Theme June

By caitra_ - great composition and I love the simple, bright colors.


By laura oliver1 - I'm such a sucker for rusty old things. And the splash of green behind this is just perfect.

Railway Crossing - Christchurch, Canterbury

By mtbcat - I think the flares from the light really add to this urban scene.


By Rick Zawodny - this is one of those photos that I really, really like... but can't put my finger on why exactly...

The Border

By shirley319 - Love the shallow depth of field on this.

By .:SindyHand:. - just beautiful. Urban, Disney-style :)


By Jon Game - just breathtaking!


By jennifercwlee - Great colors!


By kkaldrich - I've been through this tunnel so many times! I love everything reflecting off the 'ceiling'

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  • Evspikes

    Thank you for choosing my photo of the 'million windows' adjacent to Union Square in Manhattan!

  • Kerri

    Thanks! Going through that tunnel is like heading to a second home to me. :)

  • Tpavankumar

    Thank you so much for selecting my picture!! This is such a boost for my photography at this stage, where I am beginning to lose all hope of improving!!!

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