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June 15, 2010

You guys – I was able to recover all my documents from the old laptop! Which means I was able to get to THIS document that had THIS entry – my favorite photos from April in the Monthly Themes group on flickr. If you can remember back that far, you’ll know the theme that month Was people. Hopefully I’ll get around to picking/pasting May’s color photos later this week, and then I’ll be all caught up! You still have time to participate in June’s Urban theme.

By the way, in case you ever wondered, this are just posted in the order they are in the group pool.

Timeless Memories

By Christopher F. Photography - I saw this one shortly after it was submitted to the pool and knew right away it would make this month's list. What a love-full, beautiful photo.


By bouncyczech - I always love the lighting caused by blinds, but I also like how the shadow was captured in this photo, too.

Day 103

By rhmom42 - Love the eyelashes and freckles, but also how soft this is and the perfectly black background

beach shower

By Bron..T.. (aka summerdaze) - I LOVE all the water in this photo, especially on the left hand side where you can see it splashing off to the side. And the colors - just beautiful!

Self Portrait Eye

By thedigitaliris - Ok, not only is this a beautiful photo with great focus, but the editing is just perfect, in my opinion. And it was done in Gimp - click through to see the details!

365 4/13/10

By Frozen in Time Photographers - love the angle, and how this looks like she didn't even know the camera was there and she was just lost in her daydreams.

I didn't do it...really!

By Atlantis_breeze - what a great background with a cute kiddo in front of it :)

People didnt approve for what I had to say, 'covering my self will hide my charm away'.

By NinaCarmes - oh my goodness. What fantastic eyes. So powerful.

Angry Queen of Hearts

By Alicia Furness - another powerful photo, with an almost haunting expression, which is nice coupled with the soft lighting.

15 second kiss

By cooperspectivephoto - I love the softness of the fountain, the burst of the streetlamp, and the romance behind a 15 second kiss on a 5 year anniversary :)

Vieux Montreal

By jan.etc - This is the type of street photography I love - nothing too cluttered or crowded, great architecture, and a person where you wonder what their story is (I'm dying to know what's in those cases - is that just luggage?? Equipment for something??)


By WxMom - I just had to post this because it made me laugh out loud!

Out for an Evening Stroll

By shirley319 - ok, I almost died a little when I first saw this photo. Do I even have to describe why I like it so much? The light, the field of glowing dandelions (I'm assuming that's what they are?) and the perfectly timed catpure of the person walking off the bridge - gah!

By .:SindyHand:. - this photo just screams 'love'. Well, actually, I guess it more whispers it because it's so soft and pretty. While I love the light and the expresions on their faces, I think my favorite part is his hand on her hip. It's small gestures - like that - that really say
'I love you'


By bumblebeezack - just a great portrait of a beautiful woman, and I love the colors in the background.


By PhotoMaria83 - oh my, what a fantastic expression.

Dandelion Joy

By team.breeze - I can remember doing this so much as a kid. I love the puffy air-filled cheeks and the blissful expression.

April 26 - 116/365

By melissac79 - great representation of 'temptation', indeed.


By kkaldrich - I love the city background... it makes me think this woman could tell a lot of stories about that city.

girl on stairs

By a girl named kevyn - so many beautiful colors.

Goofy kids

By rachel_pics - what great expressions!

Note: There is one photo that originally made the list that isn’t on flickr anymore, so I just wanted to mention to Priya Pickett – I loved your photo that, if I recall correctly, was of two small children sitting on a bench on a dock or pier of some sort? I think it was black and white, too. I know that might not be descriptive enough for you to remember what photo it was, but I’m not sure I’m remembering it correctly, either! Anyway, I just wanted to mention I liked your photo!

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  • Fabulous choices!

  • shirley319

    Thank you for featuring my photo this month! I really thought I was "pushing" the people theme, as there is only the silhouette of the person crossing the bridge. It is one of my favorite captures, and yes, those are dandelions - the first of the season. A couple days after I took the picture, the mowers came through and bulldozed the entire lot.

  • Christopher F.

    Thanks for adding mine to April's list, some great captures there that I missed in the group. Glad you recovered everything!

  • I'm so happy to hear you were able to recover your files from the old harddrive! Thanks for the continued encouragement in selecting one of my photos for April. The Flikr group has so many fabulous pictures to be inspired by, too!

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