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April 11, 2010
f/4.0; 1/50sec; 73mm; ISO 400

f/4.0; 1/50sec; 73mm; ISO 400

As promised, here’s the Two-weeks-In-One edition of Weekend Links! I almost didn’t get around to posting again because I bought a Droid Eris this weekend and to say it’s been a bit distracting would be an understatement :)

  • Sometimes you don’t have a DSLR with you (or maybe you don’t even own one at all), but you find some flowers you’d like a photo of. Here are some tips for photographing wildflowers with a point and shoot.
  • And if you don’t have that DSLR yet, here’s a great ultimate guide for buying your first Digital SLR.
  • Ronan Palliser recently posted his workflow for processing wedding photos in two parts (here’s Part One and Part Two) – even if you don’t photograph weddings (I don’t!), you might find it an interesting read, especially if you find yourself often photographing large quantities of photos in a short period of time (like photowalks or on vacation). No one person’s workflow is the Best Workflow, but it’s always interesting (and informative) to read someone else’s.
  • Are you new to photography and you often hear people throwing around words like aperture and telephoto, and you’re not quite sure what it all means or what you should be looking for? Well then, check out these 20 questions and answers for new photographers!
  • I know photography can be a pretty addicting (addictive? I can never figure out which is correct.) hobby, and you often find yourself buying more and more stuff, but here are 5 reasons why you should minimize your camera gear. Really good list, in my opinion.
  • Are you in a bit of a photography lull and are looking for some inspiration? Well, here’s a list on how to find some.
  • There are a lot of things that go into getting a great photo and having a successful photoshoot, and often you’re so caught up in the moment you forget to do things like check to make sure you’re using the right ISO. Check out this article about photography checklists to help make sure you don’t miss anything again.
  • Those of you doing a photowalk project this year might really find this article on capturing hidden natural beauty interesting. Well, even if you’re not doing photowalks this year, you still might! (this article is the one that inspired my posting the pink flower for today’s list – as you can tell most of the flowers on that bush were still buds, but I was lucky enough to spot the two that were just starting to open up, so I had to do some creative maneuvering in order to capture that hidden beauty)
  • Looking to make a little money off of your photography without becoming a professional portrait or wedding photographer? Check out these 12 places to sell your photography.

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  • Hi :) Thanks for your weekend links, and all the great things you post on your site...you have been so helpful, so I have decided tohelp you, with my fantastic English language teaching skills. Addictive is and adjective, and comes before a noun to describe it: Photography is an addictive hobby. Addicting is also used as an adjective, but stands on its own, without being followed by a noun: Photography is addicting. :) Hope this helps!!!!

  • I will probably never remember that - but you are the first person to describe it in a way I actually understand - so, to that I say: hooray!

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