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April 10, 2010

Here we go – I’m finally getting around to posting the March Mono photos! I know I say this every month, but man, you guys make it really hard to narrow it down to my favorites to post over here.

Don’t forget April’s theme is People, so if you want to play along, join the group! Just remember that your photo has to be taken during the month of April, 2010, but you can submit as many or as few photos that you want.


By ShotSlot - I love the lighting in this one, it feels kinda gritty and intense.


By Eva und Michael - I like the depth of field here, and that one ... what is that? a long blade of overgrown grass? Whatever it is, I like how it kinda mirrors the part that's in focus.

Paper Flowers

By shirley319 - I have no other words other than: just beautiful.

44 { 365 }

By MyTwoSeasons - took my breath away, really. The shape of the hill, the one tree with the sun setting behind it, and those amazing clouds - all wonderful. Looks so dramatic in black & white, too.

Photo Drive F

By hanamik - I love simple, beautiful photos like this. The tree is beautiful, and so is the lighting - I'm assuming the sun provided a natural gradient... but if not, and that's done in post, I still love it :)

Quarry Bank Mill Windows (B&W)

By moveandfire - great repeating pattern, and I love the bright white of the window panes against the dark, textured building.

Bracket Fungi . . .

By TheFormerMrsC - these are the type of things that would have scared me as a kid (for some reason I was really terrified of fungi. I'm sure it had nothing to do with my sister pulling mushrooms out of the ground and chasing me around the yard), but I love the way they're all in row like that and they lead your eye through the photo.


By evelynspikes - I love me some old, abandoned buildings and this is perfect in black & white.


By PhotoMaria83 - I love the curliness of the armrest, and how you can see it repeated in the bokeh behind.

hush little baby...

By hlcombs314 - oh my gosh, that little tear almost killed me. Love the angles/lines of this photo, too, especially in contrast with that sweet little face.

Golitha Falls woods

By Sarire - Love the intense, almost creepy feel of this photo.

The Lindsey Hair Cut (Paul Mitchell Salon)

By {2H Design} - I take a lot of mirror self portraits, and they never come out this nice - love the lighting and the the completely straight face. People say I don't smile enough in my SPs, but honestly, I love the intense look of a straight face.

Day at the park

By JessicaRVaughnPhotography - LOVE that hair. This really captures that free feeling of swinging when you're a kid.

La Jolla Shores_pier1

By Stephanie.Grace - It feels like this goes on forever. Love it.

By Grumpy Cake King - love the simplicity, texture, and depth of field.

DSC_0040 b&w

By dpksh - awwww!

Little Feet

By jinspain2002 - The little feet! The curled up hand behind them! The amazingly fluffy blanket the baby is on. Love it all!

March 16 - 75/365

By melissac79 - great shadow!

Day 76

By thedigitaliris - love all the loopy things in the foreground.


By Christopher.F Photography - The birds almost look fake, don't they? I love how the lake seems to go on forever.

McCormick's Creek Falls

By bryan.dawson - lovely slow shutter speed effect. I especially like the smaller ripples after the big fall.

daffodil mono macro

By rhmom42 - beautiful lighting!


By ShellyS - I can't really explain why I like this one, and oddly, I think it might be completely about the angle of the switch on top.

College St

By jan.etc - I'm so in love with this photo. It's so timeless - this could have been taken 50 years ago. I love the people crossing the street, and their shadows.

all souls

By Governmentality - love the detail on the building.


By HoorayParaPulse. Just beautiful.

cory (1 of 1)

By kkaldrich - I hope your husband didn't mind too much about having to keep the tie on long enough for this shot - I think it was quite worth it. I love the perspective.


By ElSlunko - what a beautiful cat! I really want to reach through my screen and pet this guy (or girl?)

Toddler by the ocean

By Priya Pickett - oh my gosh. What a great moment captured. Really loving the water in the background, too. Fantastic.

April's Coming

By Hynek S. - reflections and ripples! Very cool.

To Soar

By KyleAlbert - once again, just a simple shot that I love. I'm glad you didn't clone out the bird that's farther away, because I think I might have been tempted to, but I think it adds to the shot.

A Yellow Rose in Black and White

By bumblebeezack - love how you filled the frame, and the water drops.


By brybejomom - Love how you've taken such a hard environment and turned it soft and beautiful.

flip flop {76/365}

By Bron..T.. (aka summerdaze) - love the depth of field

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  • Guest

    Loads of great shots for this theme. Thanks for including mine.

  • Thanks so much for the mention. So honored to be chosen among so many great photos!

  • so many great ones in the pool. i like your choices here.

  • Thank you for including a photo made by me! You made my day. :)

  • Hi Iffles! Wow, there's some really fabulous shots here (glad you liked mine and thanks very muchly for posting it - I got a bit of a shock when I opened the site and found myself staring out!) these monthly themes are working out fantastically, your readers and posters are so inspiring, you're a star!

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