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March 28, 2010
f/1.8; 50mm; 1/40 sec; ISO 400

f/1.8; 50mm; 1/40 sec; ISO 400

The last link today talks about how sometimes you get some really great shots when you don’t plan for them or think much about them – which is exactly what the above shot was for me.

Also, as a reminder – there’s a just a few more days left in March, so be sure to get your black and white photos submitted to the iffles.com monthly theme group on flickr! April’s theme is People – this one is going to be a challenge for me, actually!

  • Steve Berardi over at PhotoNaturalist gave another reason to use a tripod (other than for sharp photos), and it’s something I’ve never really thought about, but is so true!
  • I think I’ve mentioned a number of times around here that I haven’t ventured very far away from natural light, and honestly, I find the multitude of photography lighting resources to be a bit overwhelming, which is why I haven’t taken the time to sit down and try to sort through them all. But over at Epic Edits – they did! Check out these 20 resources that will get you lit.
  • Speaking of lighting, Light Stalking posted these 7 basic things about flash photography.
  • If you’re more like me and into the natural light of the outdoors, perhaps you might also be interested in these landscape photography resources that were posted on The Discerning Photographer this week.
  • There seems to be a theme of light going on this week, because Ronan Palliser was talking about light and landscape photography – specifically on dealing with patchy light situations.
  • Ronan also reminded us this week that sometimes, the best photos are the ones that require the least effort.

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  • RASL30

    I just love all the links you post! I've learned so much from you :-) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Excellent links again! I have been going through an uninspired patch and these links have gotten my juices flowing and made me grab my camera! Thank you!

  • The one I've used a lot is strobist.com. Just go through the lighting 101 and 102 series. Took me a while before things finally clicked. Personal suggestion, start out with a Canon 430EX II. It's really expensive but gives you a lot more options than a cheaper manual-only flash. Like you can take it out of the box stick it on the camera and use TTL (what the automatic flash is called) and take flash photos as if you are using the pop-up flash but can direct the flash in any direction you want. Then I'd get a TTL cord and instead of a flash bracket use your hand. Flashzebra.com is a good place for various flash cables.

    Once you venture into off-camera flash I'd say just use a pc sync cable (double check if your camera supports a screwlock connector since they're more durable, see flashzebra site). You'll then need to buy a hotshoe adapter since the 430 doesn't have a pc sync connector built in. If you get a hotshoe adapter that supports it, get a pc sync cord that has 1/8" jack as it's more sturdy than the pc connector. Sure you'll have this cable all over the place but it's really cheap and 100% reliable compared to the cheap wireless triggers.

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