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March 21, 2010
f/11; 1/100 sec; 12mm; ISO 200

f/11; 1/100 sec; 12mm; ISO 200

Don’t forget about March Mono Month for the iffles.com monthly themes. The above photo is one that I might not have converted to black and white if it wasn’t for the theme, and I’m so glad I did, because it turns out I like it better like that.

  • This looks a bit dangerous to me, but it does result in some cool looking photos. It’s taking photos of a burning light bulb filament.
  • Did you know you can create custom shapes of your bokeh? Well, here’s 5 ways to tell a story using that technique (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry, there’s a link in there that explains how to do it, too)
  • Light Stalking recently posted a list of post production mistakes. I have to admit I don’t agree that all the things they mention are quite as bad as they seem to imply, but it’s a good list to read regardless.
  • Light Stalking also recently posted 10 tips for shooting in the rain – something I admit I don’t do enough of because I haven’t yet done #2 on their list, which is “invest in rain gear”.
  • I still haven’t done any photography without available light, but if I ever attempt that, I think this post about gels from Ronan Palliser would be a must-read. Even without having any of the things he talked about, I found it a really informative read.
  • Ronan also posted a complete workflow on how he created a stunning black and white landscape photograph
  • Looks like Matt Stratton is starting a video tutorial series on Lightroom. Here’s the first one about importing photos into Lightroom. I’ve never actually used Lightroom, so I can’t tell you if the content is good or not, but I can say the video looked very nice!
  • Here’s a quick tutorial on strobist about how to use a high-pass filter in post production. It’s written for photoshop, but it works in Gimp, too if you have the high pass filter I talked about in this entry.

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  • Lynn

    I like your converted photo, very much.

    I'd be really interested to see the effect of using the filters (red,orange - as in Gimp plug-in FX Factory - you reviewed here: http://iffles.com/2009/08/2... on this photo.

    I'd imagine that the sky would darken whilst not effecting much of the rest of the photo. This may or may not give a better balance with the dark shadows on the ground. I like it pretty much as it is though, my eyes keep getting drawn back to the photo & I'm intrigued by what looks like a bird on the far left in the middle.

    Thanks again for all the links that you provide - without you I'd never of found The Pioneer Woman, or The Digital Photography School or the Photo Argus.


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