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March 7, 2010
f/4.0, 1/400 sec, 65mm, ISO 200

f/4.0, 1/400 sec, 65mm, ISO 200

The above photo was a pretty popular one of mine on flickr recently, so I thought I’d throw it in here even though it really has nothing to do with any of the links you see below.

  • Still a bit confused about aperture is and how it affects your photos? Check out this article about aperture from The Discerning Photographer.
  • I’m a Gimp Girl for life, so I don’t need convincing, but if you’re still debating if Gimp or Photoshop is the way to go, check out these 10 reasons why Gimp is better than Photoshop at Light Stalking.
  • Also at Light Stalking, they’ve posted 7 things photographers should never do – it’s an interesting list (and one that I’m sure we’d all love to add to).
  • Looking for some tips on reflection shots? Claire has you covered. Check out these 6 tips for photographing reflections!
  • Upgrading your camera? PetaPixel has 5 tips for reselling your camera if you’re looking to get rid of your old one.
  • Finally, I liked to wish a “happy birthday” to Ronan Palliser’s photoblog – you’ve seen his blog pop up a number of times in these Weekend Links entries – mostly because I love his photography and the way he writes about every shot he takes. He celebrated one year of blog posts with a flash-lit cake, and of course, a detailed description of how he was able to get the shot! (btw, Ronan himself had a birthday earlier on in the week,

And now in the Your Links section:

  • Doesn’t look like Maciek has posted since late last year, but maybe if all leave comments about the beautiful photography in entries like this, we’ll start seeing some more entries! (Btw, that link takes you to the translated-to-English version of the page)
  • I don’t know if suewells2511 actually wanted to show up in this section, but I was checking out her 365 project on her blog (she posts them once a week) and decided you guys had to see week 7 if only for that amazing landscape shot.
  • Jessica recently started her photoblog. I’m excited because I’ve seen some of her photos on flickr that I love so I think I’ll enjoy the blog, too. I know I liked her the shots from her first photowalk!
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  • marthah214

    love your stuff. I am trying the 365 photos and coming short, but hoping to at least continue, especially with the weather getting nicer I can at least do your weekly walk challenge. thanks for taking time to all the wonderful links you post and all the advise.

  • Thanks for the link '10 reasons why Gimp is better than Photoshop' - I was delighted to see that Gimp has a portable version (now nicely installed on my go-everywhere USB) Yippeeee!

  • Well... it is true to do some serious photography when you have the serious house renovation (which means no time and your computer with all the old photos and software put in the box). But you have just gave me a good motivation, so I will definitely post some new stuff within few days ;)

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