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March 6, 2010

Well, its about that time that I show you my favorite photos submitted to the monthly theme group on flickr for February. The theme last month was “shapes” and…you guys, you did amazing! This is SO HARD for me, because I really want to showcase ALL of your photos because there were so many good ones! I’m really impressed with the number of shapes you guys were able to find, I thought this was hard theme, but you guys blew me away!

There is already some amazing Black and White photography in the group pool, so be sure to join on the Mono March fun!


by hexapetala - I love the bright red of the stop sign in contrast to the muted tones in the background. Related, I like the harsh lines of the stop sign in contrast to the smooth circle in back. Great shapes!

Hard Light

by Eva und Michael - love all the different shapes in this skyline, especially all the repeating windows on the building on the right.

knitting alyson hat

by dpksh - First, I'm amazed at anyone that can knit. Second, I love the triangle formed by the knitting needles. Third, I love the pretty colors :)


by kristenmoss - fun corkscrew shape in the foreground and bokeh diamonds in the background! Love!

Shapes of Color

by shirley319 - so many shapes! So many colors. Is this a school art project? It looks like it, which makes it that much cooler. Think of how many kids are so proud of these creations!

Round Peg (shapes)

by shannon.waller - so apparently I really like contrasting shapes, because I love the bricks surrounding a circle, which holds the ... what is that? wood? Whatever it is, it's more skinny rectangles. Neat!

bottling day

by Lillume - gah! Love! The colors, the DOF, the repeating pattern, the CIRCLES!

Window to a Wall

by moveandfire - windows make great shapes, don't they? and I loved the wall behind the window. Btw, moveandfire, I love your flickr profile icon :)

That's Amore . . . That's Love

by GenBug - is it too cheesy to say I love this? Fantastic reflection, too!


by PhoenixRyzing - from the description of this photo on flickr: "Everyone takes a photograph of the tops of crayons. I decided for the photo challenge of "shapes" I would take a picture of the circular bottoms." - what a great idea!


by Shotslot - Confession: I'm a sucker for photos of lights. But what really makes this shot for me is the self portrait :)


by Photos by Fritz - All I can say is awwww! My heart melted a bit when I saw this. (get it? melted? I'm sorry, my sense of humor sucks.)


by kkaldrich - It's the description of the photo on flickr that really got me: "The green onion plopped on the plate just like that. On Valentine's Day. And then it was yummy." I love that in the midst of preparing food, when something like this happens the first instinct is to run and grab the camera!

Lines and Circles

by mtbcat - hello repeating circles, nice to meet you!

Family portrait

by rachel_pics - a family of hands! With pretty pink squares as a background. This is such a great family portrait!

PAD 021510 - Stain Glass

by MarthaH214 - shapes inside of shapes! So many pretty colors, too!

Bricks downtown

by Atlantis_breeze - I love the contrast between the bricks on the left and the bricks on the right - and the star pattern on that one brick on the right.


by Tryphyna2010 - of course! There are so many great shapes IN our camera! What a great idea for a shot.

February 17 - 48/365

by melissac79 - beatuiful colors!

Circles and Squares

by BrianPColt - the shapes and oclors are BOTH awesome in this photo. Plus, that looks like Skeeball and I LOVE me some Skeeball.

photowalk 7/52

by .:SindyHand:. - such beautiful colors. And great composition. It's a lot harder to take this photo than it looks!


by BirdingRVer - once again, I'm loving the contrast between squares and circles.

Day 59

by thedigitaliris - I love it when people find great photo ops in everyday things like this. And that bright pink is fantastic!


by jinspain2002 - I'm sure at this point you all know why I like this one. A square inside a circle inside a rectangle. yay!


by laura oliver1 - ok, I have to admit, I'm not even sure what this is! It looks kinda like the butt-end of a lens (I'm sure there's a much more proper term for that), but almost like it's TOO simple to be that. Is it? Well, whatever it is, I love the circles, and I love the colors and lines of whatever it's sitting on.

Door of 1903 church (B&W)

by evelynspikes - love the texture in this one.

If I didn’t pick yours, I’m sorry… but trust me, it was a tough decision!

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  • Guest

    Great selection of photos this month. Given me a few ideas for the future to try out myself.

    I'm finding the idea of doing a theme each month an excellent way to go out and try to take certain types of shot. Plus it looks other people are finding the same.

    Glad you liked my photo and my Bender profile pic (Full one here: :)

  • rachel_pics

    I'm so pleased you liked my photo and included it along side all of these fabulous submissions. Thank you so much for arranging this monthly theme group. I wouldn't have a photography project this year if you hadn't set this up. A simple goal of trying to submit something to the group every month (and learn from what others are doing) is just the manageable project that this amateur needed.

  • Thank you for leading these challenges - they are great exercises.
    I should have included more information in my picture - yes, I took the picture at my son's elementary school one afternoon. I thought "shapes challenge" as soon as I saw it.
    Thanks for including it in this fabulous collection!

  • Thanks so much! Thought about taking the plate to get better lighting so I wouldn't have to edit so much, but didn't think the 6 friends who were sitting down to dinner with me really wanted to wait any longer to start dinner. :P

  • Thank you for including my photo in what is a fantastic selection! Just wonderful photos. I'm with you on all the great contrasting shapes.

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