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February 28, 2010
This recent photo of John & I breaks a lot of rules, and technically isn't a good photo.  But I still like it.  f/4.0; 1/13sec; 24mm; ISO 800

This recent photo of John & I breaks a lot of rules, and technically isn't a good photo. But I still like it. f/4.0; 1/13sec; 24mm; ISO 800

Remember, today is the last day of February, so it’s the last day to take photo with Shapes as a theme for the monthly themes group on flickr. Once again, I’m going to wait until next week to post my favorites, to give people time to edit and upload them. The theme for March is Mono (or, black and white, but Mono March is so much more fun to say, isn’t it?).

  • Are you into film photography? The folks over at Epic Edits recently launched Feeling Negative – a site devoted to film photography.
  • Can’t decide what route to take for you photowalk? flip a coin! Such a simple idea, but I love it. I think I might wait for the weather to warm up before I try it, though, that coin could get pretty cold right now!
  • For those of you that use Lightroom, did you know that color sliders are useful even after converting to grayscale? Check this out.
  • Here’s a cool trick to make zebra stripes in icicles.
  • Do you spend too much time processing your images? Here’s 10 time-saving tips for post-production. I’m guilty of not following a few of these…
  • Think every photography accessory is really expensive? Check out these 7 pieces of photo gear for less than $10.
  • Ronan Palliser uses an example of a photo of a bride and groom to illustrate that sometimes it’s ok that a photo isn’t “technically correct” and some people might not like it for that. Sometimes, what really matters is just telling a story.
  • I have to admit, most of this was greek to me, but if any of you use Aperture 2 and are thinking about upgrading to Aperture 3, it sounds like you might want to read this.

I promised I would eventually got around to posting more links to your blogs, but I don’t seem to have any! Have any of you sent me a link that I never posted? I feel like I’m missing some… once again, all you have to do to get your blog mentioned in this section of my “Weekend Links” post is to leave me a comment and tell me! (btw, priya82 – I got your link but the blog had only one post that was a year old and it didn’t have any photos on it, so I wasn’t sure if that was the right one?)

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  • Just realized I posted the wrong link for my blog, it's www.jinspain2002.blogspot.com


  • It would be great if you could mention my post on photographing reflections: http://www.thedigitaliris.n...

  • Hi,

    I have posted a link to my blog (http://blog.dems.art.pl/en which actually redirects you to google translator, as I run my blog in Polish) in a comment to one of your recent posts .

    BTW. I think that the photo in the beginning of this post is a great one ;)

  • I have slacked in the uploading of my photo walk photos. I have tried to think of shapes. It was a hard one. Especially when out in the desert. So now my challenge is to get them uploaded this week!

    I'm looking forward to Mono March. Or maybe I'll say March Mono Madness, just to add more mmmm to it. Though it's already pretty mmmy to begin with.

  • Thanks so much for the link. :D You never know what'll come to mind when trying to stay creative for this 365 thing, do you? I'm thinking maybe I should have saved the zebra stripes for Mono March! Of course, they're gone now. :P

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