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February 15, 2010
Here's some clouds from above - taken out of an airplane window! f/8, 1/1000sec, 50mm, ISO 100

Here's some clouds from above - taken out of an airplane window! f/8, 1/1000sec, 50mm, ISO 100

Yeah, I really don’t have a reason for not posting this on a Sunday like I usually do. For now I’ll just blame a combination of the snow, the Olympics, and Valentine’s Day.

  • Do you think you need a more expensive camera? Maybe you don’t (the timing of this one is great, btw, as I’m planning on writing an entry soon that is really a great follow-up to this)
  • When it comes to composition, sometimes it’s all about breaking the rules.
  • Here’s a few simple, helpful portrait photography tips.
  • This short post is something that I think is really important to understand: Understanding exposure meter settings.
  • I often get asked “where do I start after I first download Gimp?”, and if you’re looking for a few very basic things to do, check out this list of quick tips.
  • I meant to post this article about how to photograph clouds last week, but it somehow missed the list!

I think I got one or two more links from your blogs to post, but in the interest in getting this posted at a decent hour, I’m going to hold off on them until next week – I have a very efficient filing system, though (I leave the emails from the comment system in my inbox as unread – I’m so high-tech and organized, no?), so I won’t lose them. Well, hopefully.

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  • The problem with breaking the rules is that you have to know them first before you break them...

    As for the post about not needing the expensive camera I thing that it does really pays back more to invest the money for a decent photography course. I have just taken one few months ago and I simply loved it (it was both good school and wonderful week off). I have posted some shots from it in my blog (the blog is run in Polish, so the link redirects to google translator... the photos are original though ;P ).

    Best regards, and please keep posting on (I think there is a big need for a blog like yours, about photography and open source software)

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