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February 8, 2010

January’s theme for the Monthly Themes group on flickr was Textures and there were TONS of great submissions. I spent this past weekend looking through them all and wanted to take some time to share my favorites. This was SO HARD for me to do. I had to narrow down the list twice because I had way too many the first time. There were some amazing photos in the group – if yours didn’t make the list this time, keep posting – February’s theme is Shapes!

Maze texture

by Eva und Michael. What bright colors!

8:365 Off to School on a Snowy Day

by team.breeze. Oooh, that red!


by ShellyS. I don't know what this is, but I really want to wrap myself up in it!

Textures -- Peeling paint and bricks

by evelynspikes. So many textures in one photo - the peeling paint, the bricks, the stones... yum!

Textures-- Office Chair

by coraline97. If this is not the definition of texture, I don't know what is. I'd love to see an experiment using this as a texture on a photo


by Jon Game. The detail, the shallow DOF, and the amazing colors. Just fantastic.


by laura oliver1. Not only do I love the texture and DOF, it was really nice to see some green in with all the other winter photos :)


by jinspain2002. Ouch! :)


by Eva und Michael. I love that it's black and white and I love the grain in it

Walking in Color

by hanamik. The texture on the ground is a great contrast to the cute shoes!

Lockwood lock and chain

by mtbcat. I especially like how the lock itself looks brand new against the old, textured chain.

Flowers against an old couch

by mtbcat. The pop of yellow against that texture? Perfection.

beefwood table - Jan 17th

by summer_daze. This texture is formed by sap leaking from the leg of their coffee table. How freakin' cool is that?

texture 1

by Sarire. Not only do I love the texture, but look at the pops of blue and green there on the right! Nifty!

Texture 2

by Stephanie.Grace. This is one of my favorite colors at the moment, so I had to choose it!

Photo Walk 3

by jafael. I love how the entire frame is filled with ouchies!

Day 17 (Stepladder)

by thedigitaliris. Love the texture of the wood and screws and paint

photowalk 2/52

by .:SindyHand:. I love everything about this photo - the composition, the DOF, the warm tones... and of course the texture!

cinnamon valentine

by laura oliver1. This one took my breath away.

flakey tree crop1

by dpksh. The peeling trees are just fantastic - especially against the pure white snow behind them.

mom snout and baby rhino walking

by Tokyo Rhino. Do you know what that is in the foreground? It's the snout of a mom of that baby rhino. Awesome.


by Inspirophoto. Love the colors.


by BirdingRVer. Another texture that makes me say Ouch!

Purple Raindrops

by GenBug. I'm a sucker for raindrops, and these are shaped so perfectly.

January 23, 2010 (23/365)

by bouncyczech. I love that this is something so recognizable, but not how we usually look at it.


by Rick Zawodny. So much texture!


by laura oliver1. Such great timing with the raindrops and the ripples make a great texture.

Japanese Plum Blossom

by jinspain2002. I have to admit, this photo didn't scream texture to me, but it was so incredibly beautiful I had to include it anyway.

by Grumpy Cake King. Not quite sure what it is, but I definitely love it.

January: Textures

by kkaldrich. This one actually made me chuckle when I first saw it :)

Hanging by the Scroll

by shirley319. Beautiful.

Grain on a Magnolia (texture)

by shannon.waller. It's like a tiny little dish of texture!

January 14

by melissac79. A beautiful (and cold!) texture.

Don’t forget – February’s theme is Shapes! So keep posting to the group!

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  • Sooo excited to see that my pic got picked, thank you so much!!!

    Happy Friday! :-)

  • Thank you for featuring my photo! I've got to find some shapes to shoot now!

  • Wow that's a lot of great textures! I thought I was following along over on Flickr, but there quite a few here that I had missed. Thanks for including my daughter's red hat! Not sure what to do for shapes--I'm buried in snow pictures right now :)

  • Really excited to have my tp picked! :P And feeling really inspired by all the others. :)

  • Matt W.

    Well, I didn't make it in this round, but I'm not going to give up!!! I just need to find the right place/time and take the shot.

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