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February 7, 2010
This is about it as far as family portraits go in our house.  He looks thrilled to be with me, doesn't he?

This is about it as far as family portraits go in our house. He looks thrilled to be with me, doesn't he?

I’ve gone through the iffles.com monthly themes group on flickr and have picked out my favorites from January (which was hard – there were so many good ones!), and those should be posted tomorrow. February’s theme is shapes, interpret that however you like and submit them to the pool!

And now for more of YOUR links. I’m always willing to look at your photography-related blog – all you have to do is tell me in comment that you want me to, and I’ll link to it in the next Weekend Links entry!

  • Josiah is also sharing his 365 photos on his blog (appropriately called A Photo a Day). My favorite of his recent photos is this one of a snowy tree-lined road. I like that he also talks about how he edited the photo.
  • bumblebeezack recently started a photoblog with some great photos on it. My favorite appears to be of the underside of some bridges – impressive!
  • Noreen has a photoblog, too! She’s going to try to complete all the DPS assignments this year, so be sure to follow her blog to see her submissions. In the mean time, check out 3 different angles of a famous Seattle landmark
  • Ashlie is posting a photo a day (not necessarily one she took herself, but just anything that inspires her) and writing 1000 words to go along with it, which I think is a really cool idea. Check out the first post.

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  • I've been reading you for a while, I love your GIMP tricks. I decided to post a few tips and tricks for some of my friends still not ready to try GIMP (7 Easy Photoshop Tricks you can do with GIMP software (for Free!) on my site When I Have Time: http://www.whenihavetime.co...

  • noreenhunter

    yay!!! happy monday!! thanks for visiting my posts! i am still trying to post the photos from my archive and when I am done, I will eventually start my 365..(crossing my fingers)!

  • I started my photo a day blog a little after I read a post here of iffles in Dec 09. That prompted me to start the photo a day blog from 1st of Jan 2010.
    I am doing okay till now. ALl the images are from India as of now. Until I travel out side the country.

  • You mentioned Brian's first basketball shoot and lessons learn. Well my latest weekly picture was from my first photo shoot and it was at an anime convention. Include a list of observations of what I did wrong and what I did right. http://vrillusions.com/blog...

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