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January 31, 2010
A photo from my 366 project in 2008 - f/5.6; 0.3 sec; 24mm; ISO 400

A photo from my 366 project in 2008 - f/5.6; 0.3 sec; 24mm; ISO 400

First of all, as a reminder, today is the last day of January – which means the Textures theme is almost over for the monthly themes group. Because I know not everyone is able to take, edit and post photos all on the same day, I’m giving you a week to get all your texture photos submitted before posting my favorites in an entry here.

Meanwhile – get ready for February’s theme – Shapes! My idea here was to look for geometric shapes – I know that’s a broad topic, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how creative we can all get here.

And now, the stuff I’ve been reading this week:

  • I know a lot of you are doing 365 projects this year – here’s 11 tips to keep you going!
  • You also might find this list of how to be inspired every day helpful.
  • As you’re doing those 365 projects, you might sometimes have to make a difficult decision about what photo will be your photo of the day, here’s a cute way to decide.
  • Here’s 27 resources on the internet that you might be interested in as a photographer
  • Here’s an interesting way of helping you learn to frame your photos better when composing a shot.
  • Looking at lenses or cameras with Image Stabilization? Check out the hows, whys, and what to watch out for.
  • Over at Epic Edits, people often ask questions, and here are some answers.
  • Rick is going through the Strobist 102 series, and he’s sharing what he learns as he goes. Check out his first entry.
  • I’ve read a few articles on how to shoot the moon, but this one is the most simple straight-forward one I’ve read!
  • Ronan Palliser recently did a presentation on Photography and the Web, and he was nice enough to include all the links he talked about on his blog

And now some more of YOUR links:

  • I don’t know how Grumpy Cake King got that nickname, but it’s got a nice ring to it. Oh, and if you’d like to do some selective color shots in CS4, check out this entry – pretty impressive sample photo, too!
  • James just started a photography blog and I’m loving a lot of his shots, but my favorite is one of the sun shining through some tree braches. There’s something about the shapes of bare trees that I just love.
  • domesticexecutive just started a Daily Snaps blog and I just love this photo of golden grass and summer skies – can’t wait to see more daily snaps!
  • Guess what? Lindley got her photoblog up and running! And all the ice around her made for a great early entry!
  • Over at jan.etc, she’s starting a 334 daily photo challenge – she missed January, so she’s just staring February 1 and going for 11 months (maybe if we all leave her encouraging comments she’ll do an extra month and end on January 31, 2011 for a full 365 days!). Before she starts, check out some recent photos she took on the street

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  • Hey, thanks for a great set of links, especially mine! :) My next strobist 102 exercise has been posted.

    I must say that I greatly admire your efforts to foster community and connection. The best human endeavors come when we work together, and you're doing a damn fine job of helping inspire budding photogs.

  • bumblebeezack

    I've been following your blog ninja-like and it's been fun:) I can't even remember as of now how I found out about your blog but I'm glad I did. I won't exactly say I'm a beginner but still it's great to refresh what I've learnt all these years through your articles. Keep up the good stuff! I've recently started a photoblog or something like that, and I'll greatly appreciate it if gets mentioned! So here it is: http://bumblebeezack.wordpr...

  • jgray1975

    Thanks for linking to my blog, in your Weekend link section. I really enjoy your blog.

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