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January 17, 2010
f/10, 1/30 sec, 105mm, ISO200

f/10, 1/30 sec, 105mm, ISO200

I’m sorry for the late posting here – this list of links took me longer to get together than I anticipated. I’m including the above photo because one of the links below talks about taking photos in the snow, and another is a photo of a wall, so I figured, hey – a photo of a wall with snow on it would be appropriate, right?

  • Sometimes it’s hard to know if you should shoot in manual or one of the auto exposure modes on your camera – here’s a few tips on how to decide.
  • Here are 15 quick tips from photography pros
  • I know I’ve talked before about how I shoot in RAW, but I still haven’t written about the RAW editor I use. Well, luckily, DPS talked about UFRaw this week, which is exactly what I use!
  • I told you I’m reading you guys! And I thought Shotslot wrote a great entry about 12 tips about where to start when you first get a DLSR.
  • Wondering how to get a great photo while out on the streets? Check out this Studio in the street article from the Photo Traveler blog
  • There’s been a lot of snow around here lately – and I think I’ve posted about tips for shooting in the snow before, but in case I haven’t, or if you need a little refresher, check out Ronan Palliser’s tips

In addition to my regular weekend links, I wanted to send a shout-out to a few blogs that missed last week’s list of YOUR blogs:

  • Shelly has a photoblog with this nice red photo on it. Btw, her main blog is here!
  • I love the name of David’s blog (I Went Walking)! He recently got a chance to do his first professional photography shoot, of a Bollywood group – I think he got some really good photos!
  • Jesse has a photography blog and recently post some really pretty flower photos – I especially like the black and white one.
  • Hana recently went a little photowalk. Not only did she get some great photos – but she had darn cute shoes, too!
  • Heather is about to start a 52 project – I can’t wait to see the results! Until then, check out this adorable photo!
  • John is doing a 52 Photowalks project (yay!), and I love his third photowalk. I wish there was stuff like that around me. Not too many pretty beaches in Ohio…
  • BirdingRVers is a travel blog that also has a lot of photos on it. I like posts like this one on North Palm Springs has both a description of where they are, and lots of photos of the area.
  • One thing I really love about summerdaze77’s site is the great descriptions not only of what the photo is, but of how it was edited. I’ve really been into photos of walls lately (is that weird?), so I loved this post.
  • Katie recently shared some photos from her Momentile account – something I’ve never heard of! Not only did I like the photos, but she also brought up something I debated about when I was doing my 366 Project back in 2008 – do you post a photo that’s your best? Or do you post a photo that represents you day the best?
  • SexyNinjaMonkey posts a lot of photos – but not a lot of words, which really makes the photos stand out. Some entries have multiple photos, but some entries, like this one has just one.
  • jodeleeuw is doing a 365 project and I love this photo of a robot seeking answers – not only is a cool idea but the lighting is great.
  • Apparently I skipped over Katrina in the last entry! I know I went to her blog, so I’m not sure what happened! I probably just got distracted with all there is to offer that I forgot all about picking a favorite to link to. Seriously – not only does Katrina post her daily photos, but she also writes about how to take and edit photos – including her own ebook called Get Me Off Of Auto. My favorite recent post of hers, though, is one about getting a do-over when you missed the perfect opportunity for a photo – she ended up with such a cute photo, didn’t she?
  • Brian just started a blog (seriously. 3 posts total!), but he’s off to a great start – check out this post where he talks about how he set everything up in a hotel room in order to get a self portrait with light so great, he didn’t even have to edit the photo!
  • I know I said I was going to pick my favorite posts from blogs, but I really like the photos on David’s home page – the gray skies and fall leaves especially

And, in not-exactly-photo-blog news:

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  • I have UFRAW my images have this overall bluish tint to them when I openthe. When I open my Raw images in Picassa they are not. Any insight from you on this would be appreciated.

  • Well, part of the problem is that Picasa is more of a RAW file viewer as opposed to an editor. The beauty of RAW files (as I'm sure you know, since you're using UFRAW) is the ability to adjust things - like the white balance. Picasa doesn't really give you the ability to do that on the RAW file itself - it determines how it should be converted and just does it. Whereas UFRAW gives you the power to do it.

    That being said, I use Picasa to view my RAW files to determine which ones I want to edit, and I haven't really noticed that much of a difference. I did a quick search on the internet, though, and you don't seem to be the only person with this complaint. The only other thing I can think of is that you might have the White Balance dropdown in UFRAW set to something other than Camera WB. For instance, if you have it set to Auto WB - I've often thought that UFRAW's Auto WB is a bit too blue.

  • First of all nice site, I can't believe I never saw this earlier. Bookmarked!

    I've also started a simple photography site last year and it's coming along very slowly but nicely. Would love it if you take a look sometime: www.notesonphotography.com

  • Angie

    Yay! Loved the snow photography tips from Ronan Palliser!
    (It just sounds so do-able!)

    Now to find some snow...
    Not much here in Central Cali, that's for sure.


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