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January 7, 2010

First things first – a few people sounded interested in playing along with the monthly themes I mentioned in the last entry, so I created a flickr group for them. So please, join in! The only rules for posting to the group is that you follow the monthly themes, and that the photo is actually taken during that month. Also, if we get enough participation, I plan on doing an entry here at the end of every month showcasing some of my favorite submissions to the group. Oh, while there, you might notice that I used sms5121’s suggestion of food for December’s theme – I got some great suggestions in the comments and through twitter, and it was a tough choice, but I picked food because not only is it something I’m always trying to get better photos of, but because there’s also a lot of it around in December!

Also, I promise I’ll get back to my usual entries soon, full of photo tips and Gimp how-tos, but something has been on my mind lately. When I think back to why I started this site, it had a lot to do with sharing. When I first started getting into photography, I was overwhelmed by how good everyone else was, and what little I seemed to know, and I didn’t know where to start. The reason I started this blog was to help other new photographers so that we could learn together.

I started getting a lot more traffic when I started writing for DPS, both here, and on my flickr account. Since flickr is a community site, it was easy for me to reciprocate – anyone who added me as a contact that actually had photos in their stream became a contact of mine. And while it’s impossible for me to comment on every photo from all of these new contacts, I do my best to let someone know when I really like something.

Here’s the thing, though, I know a lot of you guys have your own blogs and/or twitter accounts that are photography related, and I see lots of links in the comments and have a lot of new followers on twitter, and I’d love to follow any of them that are photography-related, I’ve just found it a bit impossible to spend the time looking at every linked name in the comments and every new follower on twitter.

So here’s what I’d like from you…

Yeah, all that rambling above was coming to this: Do you have a photography-related blog or twitter account? Leave it in the comments below (you do NOT have to have a Disqus, twitter or openID account to leave a comment – just leave your name, email and website in the fields below the comment box and hit Post Comment). Not only is this going to give me a lot of new blogs to feed (I love more inspiration!) but it also means you’ll have a greater likelihood of showing up on my Weekend Links list, hopefully driving some more traffic to your blog.

In fact, I plan on visiting and each ever blog/twitter account that you mention below and if it is, indeed, photography related, I’ll find my favorite of your most recent posts and link to it in a special edition of Weekend Links!

One last thing, if you have a blog that’s NOT photography related, feel free to share that, too, and I promise to visit!

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  • priya82
  • Ashlie

    Can we still do this? If so, here's mine :)

  • noreen23

    Yay!!! I have been following your blog since I read your article on DPS. I love your blog because you made it in a way that it's easy to understand. And with this, i have been inspired to pursue my hobby of taking pictures. And guess what, because of your blog and other people's blog, i was also inspired to create a blog of my own that showcase my projects. I hope you'll be able to visit it one of these days.



  • http://jgray1975.wordpress....
    Just started the blog for fun. Appreciate comments good or bad.

  • I've just started my photo blog. This post of yours helped get me motivated to get moving on it! Thinking about textures now....

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