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October 11, 2009

Photowalk 40: Leaf feeling lonely

As I warned, I’ve been making some changes around here – nothing too major, so hopefully nothing threw you off too much. When I started this website, I knew I was doing a lot of Bad Practices, but I was more interested in getting up and running and didn’t feel like fixing my mistakes, but it had been LONG ENOUGH.

Anyway, This weekend’s links:

  • I’m one of those people that gets really annoyed when people say “wow, you take great photos, what kind of camera is that?” (or even worse “wow, you take nice photos, how many megapixels do you have?” And yes, I’ve been asked that within the last year). While nicer cameras are nice, and I LOVE having my dslr, I also know people who have point-and-shoot cameras that take far better photos than me. And I know people who have much nicer dslrs that, no offense, don’t take as nice photos as me. The camera helps, but it’s way more than just a camera. Darren Rowse touched upon that this week on DPS.
  • Also on DPS, Darren asked his readers who they had a photography crush on. I’m really enjoying making my way through the (very, very many) responses to his question.
  • Here’s a trick to use Black and White to get better color photos – I tested it out a few times this week with some interesting results – some really good and some really… well… interesting.
  • I love urban photography, and if you do, too, you’ll probably like some of these Jaw-Dropping Urban Photography photos (via Epic Edits)
  • Now that Autumn is really kicking into gear (at least where I live), you might be interested in how to make the most of Autumn photography.

BTW, for those of you interested in what changes I made to the site this weekend, here’s what I’ve done:

  • I used to have a background image for my post titles (it was brown and had a drop shadow on it). I actually hate drop shadows, so I’m not sure why I did that. On top of that, I couldn’t make a title more than one line long because then it would go into the drop shadow and look stupid. I knew this when I created it, and yet I still did it. Why? I have no idea. The point is, I fixed it. As you can see, there’s just some stripes to the left of the titles now. Much cleaner.
  • I also changed the font and color of the titles. It used to be a serif font. I’d seen people do it, it seemed to be The Thing To Do: have a serif font for titles and sans serif for the body. Maybe I’m not cool, but I tried to let it grown on me and it didn’t work. Sans serif for both title AND body now. And the font color went to red just so you could read it (it was green when the background was brown, but you can’t see the green on the cream very well)
  • Remember that stupid “subscribe” link in my header? The one that I said in my very first entry that I knew it was hard to see and promised I would fix it soon? Holy crap, I actually fixed it. See links to follow me via rss, twitter and flickr in my sidebar now – the icons are from this Function Free Icon Set.
  • Fixed up some spacing issues, that you probably won’t notice – some things were too smooshed together, imo.
  • Fixed the fact that images were no longer opening properly if you clicked on them – A lot of my “final images” in my tutorials and all of the images seen in the Weekend Links entries link to my flickr, but “in progress” photos were supposed to open up larger on the same screen, and this stopped working at some point (I’m guessing when I upgraded wordpress). This is fixed now
  • I added a Related Posts section to the bottom of my posts. I was waiting to do this until the website actually got rolling because a Related Posts section seemed pointless when I only had 10 posts total. I figured now was about time.

Let me know if anything isn’t working right for you! Thanks!

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  • skydvr

    your first point reminds me of an anecdote which I'll shorten as much as possible...

    2 friends got together - a photographer and a chef. As they looked at some of the photographer's work, the chef said "Your pictures are great - you must have a really nice camera." The photographer didn't say anything, but later, after the chef cooked dinner for the both of them, the photographer responded with "This is delicious - you must have very nice pots."

    I enjoy your blog - nice work.

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