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August 7, 2009

365.12 - Under lock and key
This photo has nothing to do with the entry – but I said Housekeeping in the title, and this door is in my house. Get it? Housekeeping? .. yeah, I shouldn’t write entries so late at night

No new tips or tricks for today, but I did want to update you on two things going around here:

ONE! I did sign up for a Twitter account. You can see the Incredibly Generic Twitter Widget that I added in the sidebar to see the username I picked. However, if you’re one of the 16 people that are currently following me via my RSS feed, you can’t see that, now can you? So I’ll tell you I decided on ifflesphoto. photiffles, suggested by Randy, was a very close second. I like the way it sounds better, and it totally fits with the way the iffles nickname is used around my house (pretty much every night before going to bed, I say “sleepiffles is sleepy”, or if I do something stupid, John calls me “dumbiffles”, etc). The downside was I thought it would be harder for people to find me with that name, or immediately know what it was I was there to tweet about. I decided not to go with my flickr name (yoshiffles) because I’ve realized that most people think that’s “yo, shiffles” instead of “yosh-iffles”, and I’d rather avoid that confusion again. ANYWAY. The point is. I’m on twitter now. I promise not to tweet about random stupid stuff and only tweet about photography and perhaps web design-ish stuff. Basically, if you’re either a nerd, or into photography, you’ll probably get some sort of enjoyment out of my tweets: so follow me! And recommend people I should follow!

TWO! I installed a new comment system call DISQUS. It’s pronounced “Discuss”. When I first saw it, I was pronouncing it like the track and field event. This is wrong. Anyway, it was recommended to me and will hopefully cut back on the spam comments I’ve been getting. I installed it with mostly the default settings to see how it goes for awhile, but please let me know if you notice any problems/have any suggestions. You do NOT need to create a DISQUS account to leave a comment… but there should be a few options for logging into various accounts (like your Twitter account) if you want to identify yourself.

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  • I used to use DISQUS, but the current theme that I use and really like isn't really geared to use these types of comment systems. Its own formatting of comments is much better looking without the features of DISQUS of course.

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