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August 2, 2009

I’m hoping this becomes a weekly thing for me, posting links to other photography resources every weekend. But then again, I was hoping I’d consitently write two or three entries a week on here, and that hasn’t happened, so we’ll see how this goes. Here’s the first installment of Iffle’s Weekend Links:

  • photojojo is a fun site with photo tips and unique things for sale, but my favorite part is their Time Capsule. You give them your flickr account, and they email you twice a month with photos you posted a year ago. Not only is it fun to see what was going on in your life a year ago, but it’s also neat to see how much your photographic style has changed in a year (at least, mine has!)
  • Dear Photographer, is a fun little read for a laugh – it’s basically people ranting about over-done or poorly-done photographic techniques, with inspirational thoughts and ideas thrown in, too. My favorite: In photography — as in writing — take a picture every day, regardless of subject matter or quality (that doesn’t mean you have to show it to the world), experiment, practice … it’s the only way to find your visual “voice”
  • Do you have a flickr account and often wish you could use a shorter url to link to your photos (perhaps for twitter?), check out how to get the flic.kr url for your flickr photos.

Well, that’s it for my first installment.

Though, I also have an informal poll. I’ve been thinking about getting a twitter account, specifically for photography-related updates. I’m still not sure I completely buy the value of twitter – but I suppose since it’s free, what does it hurt to try it, right? So, my question to you, my dear (and few) readers: do you tweet? Do you think I should? And most importantly: if I join, what should my name be? “iffles” is already taken (by someone NOT tweeting, thankyouverymuch). I would definitely like “iffles” to be part of the name, and I have a few ideas, but I’m wondering if you have anything better.

And, becaue I promised every entry would have at least one photo in it, here’s one from a recent photowalk:

365.210: Photowalk 30 - Train Tracks

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  • christine (nikoncrazy)

    I have a twitter account. At first I thought it was really stupid, but I've grown to like it.

  • Tina

    btw, exposure never hurt anyone...especially if it will possibly create a little bit of revenue on the side!

  • Tina

    definitely twitter.
    dooo ittt!!

  • I vote for photiffles

  • i like twitter. photojojo has twitter and it is pretty much awesome - photo tips, websites, etc. :) you could be yoshiffles.

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