Welcome to iffles.com!

June 18, 2009

Welcome to yet another photography site on the internet!

I know you’re probably asking why I’ve decided to create yet another photography site, because, really, aren’t there enough? Well. I have a long answer, and a short answer for you. The long answer can be found on the About Page. The short answer is that I wanted to create a site where beginner photographers were welcome. First of all, my goal is to not overwhelm with you with jargon and concepts. My second goal is to show you the cheaper alternatives to an expensive hobby – most importantly, all photo editing on this site will be done with FREE software!

And, of course, the other minor reason I started this site is because I like to talk about photography, and I think my boyfriend of three years is tired of hearing about it! So hopefully anyone stumbling upon this site actually cares. And if you don’t – why are you still reading?

I promise to get started with tips and tricks soon, but before I did that, I wanted to introduce you to the site itself. Up above you’ll see some links – Home, About, FAQs and Gallery. I’d like to think these are self-explanatory – though perhaps I should mention that Gallery is a gallery of my photos, so if you’re interested in seeing some of my work, that’s where you should go.

On the right are MORE LINKS! The Categories will be a bit more useful once I start writing some more posts and therefore more Categories exist, but if you’re looking for some inspiration from someone other than me, I suggest you check out some of my Favorite Reads. Below that you’ll see a little widget that’s showing you my 3 most recent favorite pictures on my flickr. And that reminds me – feel free to add me as a flickr contact! I’d love to see your photos, too!

The most important link on this site for some of you is the “Subscribe” link on the upper right – see it there in the orange? Yeah, it’s hard to see, I apologize, I should fix that. Feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed – it’s a full article feed, so you’ll see everything I write and all the pictures I post (I promise, this will be the last entry I post without a single photo in it).

So. Now you know about the site. What about me? My name is Jennifer, I’m 31 and I work full-time in the IT department of a large company. I live with John, the previously-mentioned boyfriend in a beautiful small house built in 1927. We have two cats – both tabbies – called Myles and Maia. He loves video games and I love photography.

I would love to hear about you. And not just on this entry! If you ever have any questions or input, please let me know in a comment! And not just about photography, either. I designed this WordPress theme from a blank notepad document, and I’m sure there are some bugs and some things missing, so if you notice them, please let me know. I can’t wait to get to know you and your photography, and I hope you look forward to learning and experimenting along with me.

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  • Pavan

    Your blog has been so helpful to me!! I have browsed through your photos on flickr and have been following this blog for some time now!! It really is of great help for people like me who are on a tight budget!!
    Nice tips on the post-processing! those tips work off great. You have inspired me to take up on a project.
    Just thinking of what I should start with. I am new to flickr and also to photography (in some ways). I have been taking photographs for the last three years with a point and shoot but after getting a nikon d300s as a gift from my girlfriend, I thought I could use it to improve on my passion. But I see that the camera is soooo overwhelming!!
    Your blog has help me get past that phase. Now have to start off with a project, maybe a 50 photos with a 50mm.
    Thank you so much!! Will keep visiting regularly for lots more to learn from you!! You have a great source of motivation for me. :) keep up the wonderful work!!

  • jusjerry

    Well, I took a look at your gallery and I must say that the B&W of your niece blew me away. Being a Grandfather I can hardly resist a great photo of a beautiful child.

    I picked up on your web site from DPS, another great site. I bookmarked it. I think you have loads of talent.

    I have been trying to be a photographer form more than 50 years. Maybe some day I'll get the picture. I moved from Ohio 12 years ago to North Carolina. Love it but still get homesick now and then. Thanks for sharing your work. I'll check in on you now and then.

  • margarethatoerien

    i stumbled on your site via DPS - which i subscribe to and love. also an amateur with a nikon d90 which i carry with me everywhere, absolutely everywhere, and shoot absolutely everything.... i love it! and may i just say that i have really enjoyed going through your site, jennifer. have subscribed as well. cheers. margaretha, cape town, south africa

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  • Andrew

    First! haha... good luck with this, it's turned out pretty solid so far!

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